Saving stuff…


I save stuff, knowing there’s a later use.

Physically, there are a few empty cardboard egg cartons in my basement.  They are great for making fire starters for when my family camps or for backyard fire pits.  I saved empty, clean plastic DQ sundae containers and lids.  Perfect for miniature terrariums for the preschoolers, now they are at school.  (And in use!)

Mentally, I have some ideas tumbling around in my head for years before I find a place for them.  In 2007, I first heard and read about forest schools or outdoor nature classrooms.  The inner city preschool where I worked at that time had no land for anything like this, but I was intrigued.  A couple of years later, I visited Drumlin Farm Community Preschool, located in Lincoln, MA within the Mass Audubon sanctuary.  As the new Beginnings preschool director, I saw an enormous potential for outdoor learning on the property of First Baptist Church.  Drumlin Farm is a working farm, so there are some obvious differences, but many of the hands-on nature-based experiences could easily be adapted elsewhere.  The philosophy, curriculum, outdoor explorations, spontaneous play in nature, farm chores, and planting & harvesting all pulled me in.

It is still a dream of mine to create an outdoor classroom.  First we are working on Paths to Quality to meet health & safety, learning environments, planned curriculum and professional staff development standards.  For several years, the preschool classes have had an emphasis on nature and the outdoors, but in the future,  I hope to see a dedicated area for outdoor learning.


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