That Time of Year

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It’s that time of year again. College students are returning and in some cases entering schools for the first time. There is the anticipation of renewing friendships and establishing new ones.  There is the anxiousness caused by the challenge of new classes and fields of study. There is the expressed joy of being away from parents and the less expressed appreciation for all that parents do and continue to do.

What a joy this week it was to receive a framed photograph and note from Shar Say who begins her freshman year at American Baptist related Franklin College. Shar Say has grown up in our church, participated in our youth ministry, sung in the choir, translated for Karen friends, given leadership at First Karen Baptist Church and endeared herself to us.

The note from her and her family said:

“Thank you First Baptist Church for your love and support.  We are very grateful to know that our family is blessed by knowing you.  I am very excited and ready to try my very best at Franklin College.  May God bless First Baptist Church and its people.  God is great all the time.  Amen.  With love, Khin Maung Htwe, Eh Bu Say, Shar Kapru Say.”

It was Vera Evans who introduced Shar Say to Franklin College encouraging her to apply and attend. Wendy Hagn welcomed her to campus. Chris Siegel drove her for a second visit. The financial gifts of Franklin alumni and friends helped provide scholarship aid.

Shar Say is not alone. You have prayed repeatedly for college students. You have welcomed them home over the summer months or between semesters. You have supported their parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters with love and care. You have provided summer jobs and given opportunities to serve as interns and helpers.

So I simply received Shar Say’s photograph and note of thanks on your behalf.

Someone once noted that the graduation gowns worn by graduating college seniors are SO BIG for a reason. Underneath that gown there needs to be room for ALL the people who helped bring that day of graduation to fruition.

Thank you First Baptist Church for your love and care of college students.

If you would like to encourage a college student this fall, please contact by phone or email the church office. We have a great ministry called the Barnabas Student Ministry where students are matched with adults who commit to ways to encourage a student at school, i.e. pray, send a package of goodies, email or text, remember birthdays, etc.

THANK YOU for your Christ-like love and care for Shar Say and ALL students.

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