Adult Crossings


Last spring a wonderful group of eager adult learners met to explore the scriptures. Our goal was to explore the 4 core themes or stories of the Old Testament. Beginning Sunday, September 14 @ 6 pm we pick up where we left off… and explore the 3 core stories of the New Testament including the life of Jesus, the cross and the resurrection.

Through these core stories we also discover our personal stories interwoven and infused with new meaning.

We call the class Adult Crossings: God’s Journey With Us.

This fall, I am very excited for those who will journey with me and others in this venture. Dr. Tom Long from the Candler School of Theology will be our featured video guest as we explore these core stories. Plus, we get to hear from all those who help make up the learning community. As they say, “We could not have done it without you!” And that is so true.

There is room for you! You can begin right where we are. You can join in even if you were not a part of the group last spring.

There are NO experts.

However, we do ask for you to register by contacting the church office at  or by telephone 317-846-5821. We have some materials for you to review before the first session.

Hope to see you Sunday, September 14 @ 6 pm.

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