Youth Photo Project


This summer, the youth group spent their time in the Burmese Community Center for Education’s garden, taking photos.  This project was about being outside of the church with the people in the garden, about learning to take photos, and about nature and God’s creation.

First I would like to thank the church for having a place for us in the church.  I would like to thank the people who helped us and came up with the project.  I also want to thank April and the rest of the church for making it happen.  Most of all I would like to thank Evan, Breanna, Cheryl, and Michael for helping us take photos and giving their time.  They have taught us a lot of things. They taught us about God and also about nature.

This project helped me to improve a new skill of taking 10641231_728769047170666_6394970612172247984_npictures of nature and studying nature.  Before the program I was not very good at taking pictures.  I didn’t really know which angle to use or which side I should take a picture from.  Now I feel like I have improved a lot.  This project was wonderful, and I would like it to continue so new students or young children can learn how the garden grows and how it helps us so much.  I would like them to see it with their own eyes and feel it with their hands.  I would like them to go out and learn more about nature.

I enjoyed the project because I had fun learning with my friends, our youth teachers, and the people who volunteer in the garden.  I 10620635_728768987170672_2176055643829579036_nlearned that a little seed can make things so different and can change things so much.  I learned about the beautiful things that are possible with God’s help.


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