I’m a Mom


Hi, I’m a mom.  I don’t wear a nametag with this identity, but if you know me very well, you know this fact. Being a parent is one of the common denominators in people of a certain age. Sharing “mom experiences” can carry you through lonely moments, it bonds you to women in similar situations.

Yes, my children are nearly “gone,” out of the nest, if you will.  But I’m learning they never really leave you.  You carry them in your heart in one form or another.  They are constantly on my mind.  I’ve heard it said “You’re only as happy, as your most unhappy child.”

Being a mom not only bonds me with other moms, but more importantly it binds me to God. I recognize that I don’t have control over life and its situations. Having sons means I have to let them go, so I pray. (I pray a lot.) I’m sharing one of my favorite praying resources with you…I’ve used this for years in different forms, but here it is!

Blessings to moms everywhere,


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