Second Chance

UM7I246QOne day in 1888, a certain notable man reached for his morning newspaper. Flipping through the pages, he received the shock of his life: he saw his own obituary.

It was all a terrible mistake. Yet, the facts of the obituary were largely correct, all the impressive achievements laid out in detail. Yet there was nothing of his values, his beliefs, the things he held most dear. Instead, the obituary focused on his inventions, his factories, his patents and his great wealth.

Decades before he had created an explosive he called “dynamite,” and this weapon of destruction had made him wealthy and famous. Yet, on the day he read his own obituary, Alfred Nobel began a new life.

Nobel realized he did not want his legacy to be about destruction, but about bringing something to life. So he began to use his wealth to fund positive contributions to humanity and peace. Most famously, he made a provision in his will to fund the Nobel Peace Prize.

Alfred Nobel got a chance to re-write his own obituary. He got a second chance to use his resources for what he truly believed would make a difference. Thank God for second chances.

Stewardship gives all of us that same second chance. It is a chance to use the resources of our time, talent and treasure to make a positive difference.

Sunday, November 23 is Gratitude Sunday at First Baptist Church of Indianapolis. It’s a time when we focus on stewardship. It’s a chance to make a God-shaped difference through the life and witness of a wonderful community of faith.

I get a second chance to do the very things Christ has asked me to do… and FBCINDY is doing every day… feeding the hungry, welcoming the stranger, caring for children (even other people’s children) and all generations, embracing the hurting and broken.

Thank you for your commitment and estimate of giving card to be received in worship on Sunday, November 23. Thank you for your generosity. After worship, we will gather for a celebration reception in the church atrium.

And thank God for second chances.





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