December at FBCOn the heels of Thanksgiving (hope you have a great day) the church rolls out Advent.  While Advent (literally “arrival”) has been around for centuries as a time to contemplate Christ’s birth, most people today acknowledge it only with a blank look. For the vast majority, December is a flurry of activities, and what is called “the holiday season” turns out to be the most stressful time of the year.

Advent marks a more meaningful way to journey towards Christmas. Advent calls us to consider something momentous. God’s coming into our midst (thus arrival.) Noticing such, we might become mindful of how Christ’s birth took place. Quietly. Unobtrusively. Unexpectedly.

Mary and Joseph were simple and ordinary people. Bethlehem was just like any other small town. So, God’s arrival will likely take place in simple and ordinary ways as well.

And frightfully for anyone with a conscience. God’s coming was not only a matter of glad tidings but also a blazing light that chases away every shadow, floods every corner, and turns midnight into noon. In other words, God’s light exposes.

Such a journey towards Christmas requires expectancy and watchfulness for any and every opening for God to break in anew.

At First Baptist Church our Advent theme will be “Waiting, Watching and Walking Together” The four Sundays before Christmas are designed to help us journey together towards Christmas.

This Advent we are making available a wonderful Advent invitation for you to share with family and friends. You can view it easily at You Tube: First Baptist Church of Indianapolis Advent Invitation. Then, consider who might appreciate this invitation and send it along.

As Thanksgiving closes, Advent opens us to light in the midst of darkness, life in the midst of death, hope in the midst of despair, reconciliation in the midst of injustice and God’s love and peace for all the world.

That’s why we call Jesus our Savior.

I look forward as we …Wait, Watch and Walk Together.


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