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Over the past several weeks, First Baptist Church has been exploring what it means to be a “curious” congregation.  The members of FBC are always asking questions and finding creative answers together.  We believe that this is an essential ingredient for any vibrant, growing community of faith!

During this season, curiosity has been especially obvious from our middle and high school students.  Our youth group, which meets each Sunday night, just finished a month-long study on Friendship.  We talked about what friendship is and how friendships form and why they sometimes end.  We explored some of the friendships we read about in the Bible, and discussed what we can learn about friendship from popular culture.  Finally, we tried to understand how our friendships might help us to fulfill Jesus’ commandment to love, not just our neighbors and friends, but even our enemies.

d2On Sundays, several of our high school students have also been gathering for a Discipleship Group.  Some of the students in this group have recently been baptized or joined our church.  Some of them have expressed an interest in baptism.  All of them have come to think and talk about what Christians believe and what it means to live as a Christian.

Both of these opportunities for our students have been designed, not only to teach students facts, but to give them tools to think and talk about their faith.  These are chances for our students to share what they believe and explore what it means for their lives.  More than anything, they are a place where are students can ask questions and find answers together.

If you sat in on one of these conversations, you would probably recognize the questions that our students are asking.  They are questions that most of us have asked before. It’s possible that you are asking yourself the same questions right now.  They’re the very best kind of questions: they can’t be answered once-and-for-all.  Instead, each person and each generation has to ask and answer these questions.  Luckily, we don’t have to do this by ourselves.  We ask these questions as part of a church that has been finding creative answers for hundreds and thousands of years.

During this season, I hope that you are finding places where questions are welcome and answers are offered.  Our curiosity is a gift from God.  We should be careful not to waste it!


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