What does “multigenerational” look like?


human familyAs I met another birthday yesterday and face the prospects of becoming a grandmother for the first time in about 9 weeks, I’m realizing that I’ve graduated to that “older generation.” My children are having children, living on their own, and graduating from college next weekend (my babies!) I’ve lost a parent and all of my grandparents and recognize that I’m “moving up there” on the generational scale.

Family events and activities take on a new look and meaning on this side of “over the hill.”  I cherish the moments because I recognize that the years are flying by and fleeting.  I recognize that as our children spread out, move away, and have their own lives, that family is also the people with whom we choose to “congregate.” Our church. Our family of believers. I’m blessed with three families: my biological family and my two church families (here and in Carmel.)

How do the generations come together for you? We look forward to the remaining sermons in our series, “The Human Family and the Family of Faith” at FBC on May 3 and 10. Tom Ehrich, of Morning Walk Media, writes about the different generations and the challenges of multigenerational ministry…and you may enjoy this quick read:

April 24, 2015




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