How BIG is God?



J.B. Phillips once wrote a book entitled Your God is Too Small. The point was our understanding of God is always evolving and can often be constricted by limited understandings and experiences. The New Testament puts it, “The love of God is broader than the measure of our minds.”

Over the summer months our church’s worship theme will be “Drawing Outside the Lines.” We will explore the ways the Spirit of God empowered the early Christian movement to share Good News with diverse neighbors across entrenched social-religious boundaries.  As we focus on the Book of the Acts, we will see the way God was on the move… and explore the ways God is calling us today to re-imagine how to engage and relate to one another and our community.

I remember the story of the little girl who was asked by her mother about the picture she was drawing. She told her mother she was drawing a picture of God. Her mother replied, “Now dear, no one knows what God looks like.” The confident daughter replied, “They will when I get done.”

We can be very confident that God is big and on the move. That’s what I hope we will re-affirm this summer.

See you Sunday!



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