Questions Young People Ask the Church

Questions Young People Ask of the Church

  • What does God look like?
  • Why does God allow suffering?
  • How is the Bible true?
  • How does God answer all
    prayers at once?

These are just a few of the questions FBCINDY youth have asked our pastors to respond to in an eight week worship series entitled “Q & A: Questions Young People Ask the Church.”  Recently, our young people met to gather their questions about God, the church and the Bible.

They did not hold back.

  • Why are there so many old people at church?
  • How long was God around before God created humans?
  • How much church is too much church?
  • Why does church scare so many people?
  • Why does God not always give a straight answer?
  • Couldn’t the Bible work if it were just Mathew, Mark, Luke and John?

Over the course of the next eight Sundays, sermons will try to give an honest answer (or at least an honest try at an answer) to these questions and more.   In many cases, the questions will lead to more questions and in some cases, the questions will lead to one or two larger questions. In all cases, we are grateful to our young people for their growing and inquisitive faith!

Join us in May and June as we hear from our youth and engage eight thoughtful and stimulating times of worship.



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