Summer Days

Summer brings its own pace and rhythm to our lives. School is out. Camps are in. And vacations beckon us to the beach, the lake, the back porch and distant places. As you travel and relax and do all the wonderful things summer schedules allow, please enjoy these days.

Perhaps you have noticed First Baptist Church does not slow down very much this summer. This edition of The Inspiration invites your participation in worship, to grow in faith, and serve through an array of opportunities. You will be amazed at the good things happening as you read on!

This will be my concluding summer with you as your Senior Minister. So I especially look forward to seeing you in worship, enjoying conversations, and doing the work of ministry together. We will also be hearing more from the Interim Senior Minister Search Committee, the Building Planning Task Force and our young people traveling to Thailand as part of the Peace, Justice and Reconciliation Project.

Don’t make yourself a stranger to these events. Keep your church in your prayers. Continue to generously support God’s work among us. And give thanks to God for the gift of a welcoming, diverse and engaged community of faith transformed by the Spirit of Christ!

See you Sunday!


                                                                                                 Frederick Lewis, Senior Minister


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