Leadership Announcement

Dear FBC Family,
It is with mixed emotions that I inform you of my resignation as Moderator of First Baptist Church, Indianapolis, effective September 15, 2017. A new position will move our family to Chicago in 2018 and will require me to split my time between Indianapolis and Chicago over the next year.  FBC needs and deserves a Moderator that is committed, flexible and present–this career opportunity will stretch my time and make it very difficult for me to fulfill these expectations.

FBC is blessed with sophisticated governance and an enormously talented congregation.  Administrative Council has a plan in place to assure leadership and continuity in all areas.  I commit to a complete and thorough transition, and have met with Vice Moderator, Mwangi Murage, to handle immediate matters.  Per our Bylaws, the Nominating Committee will present a candidate for Moderator, who will be elected by Administrative Council and ratified by you, the members.

Please know that our love for and ties to FBC have been a most weighty and emotional factor in our decision.  Your trust and confidence in me has meant a great deal; we will continue to pray for FBC and ask for your prayers as we all navigate an exciting and momentous year.

In Him,
Amy Griman

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