The Abundance Initiative is a two-year journey that we will make together. Through Abundance, we will fulfill the vision that God has given to both First Baptist Church of Indianapolis and to each of us personally.

Now is the time to be unified as a church as we move forward with this vision and mission. This Abundance Initiative is a time to challenge ourselves and rise to a new level as we commit our time, talent and treasure to something that has infinite value. As a church body, it is time to pray and declare that we want lives of Abundance!

This Abundance Initiative is an opportunity for us to take the ministry of First Baptist Church of Indianapolis courageously into the future. God is opening doors for us to minister in new ways. But to embrace these opportunities, we each must seek and depend on God like never before. We will need to consider the sacrifices we can make and what gifts we can bring into the presence of God. In order for us, as a congregation, to enter into what God has for us we must each live with Abundance!


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