Make a Pledge

Next year, FBC Indianapolis is moving forward, opening up, and reaching out! We have overcome so many challenges and are ready to move further into the abundant future God has prepared for us.

Through the success of the Abundance Initiative, our building is now more welcoming, safe, and comfortable than it has ever been. Though no one anticipated the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have continued to worship, serve, and grow together. Even though we were unable to hold in-person events for most of this year, we have found new ways to be together, adapting to new technologies and staying connected to one another. Your generosity, faithfulness, and creativity have sustained the ministries of First Baptist Church through this tumultuous season.

We are ready to grow! And we will look for ways to invite new members to worship, learn, and serve with us. Already, we are exploring the ways we can more effectively welcome our neighbors as we build on the inclusive diversity that makes FBC Indianapolis such a special congregation.

Our direction is clear, and our goals are within reach. But we will have to move forward together. We need your help to build on the success of the Abundance Initiative, and hope that you will prayerfully consider your commitment for the future.

When you’re ready, fill out the Moving Forward Commitment by clicking the button below. As we’ve said many times: We are an abundant people, building an abundant place, for an abundant future. It’s time to take the next step into that abundant future together.

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