Missional Church

FBC is joining an ever growing group of ABCGI and ABC Indiana/Kentucky churches that has participated in the Missional Church Learning Experience (MCLE) coordinated jointly by these regional offices. MCLE is a cluster of churches that learn together how to explore what God is saying to the church today and for the future. Over the year-long training, we will practice the principles by designing and implementing a small community project. Some of our fellow ABCGI churches have done things like support a family of a child with severe medical issues through becoming supportive friends and developing community emotional and financial support systems; beginning a Saturday breakfast program for children on the free/low cost school lunch program; attempting to address issues of youth disconnectedness and adult unemployment.  MCLE reminds us that God is on a mission to restore the world, and that EVERYONE is invited to joyfully join God in the mission.

FBC’s team includes Beth Dodson, Evan Bever, Julia Fisher, Sue Staples, and Sunlight.  Please support this team with your prayers as the FBC congregation prepares to discern our role in God’s mission and seek to bring others alongside God’s working in this world.

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